About us

Van Merksteijn Fencing Systems UK is one of 12 Fencing group companies of Van Merksteijn International in Europe. Since April 2013, VMF UK has been supplying Mesh Fencing to the Uk and Irish markets. The company has been established to help our customers with the increasing demand for Fencing in the marketplace. The group company enables VMF UK to work closer to service customers’ demands and needs in the local marketplace.

The VMF Service Centres across Europe are well positioned to supply fence panels produced at Van Merksteijn International in Almelo, Netherlands. As a result, these dynamic and well organised Fencing systems Centres can anticipate changes in market demand
VMF UK is able to supply mesh panels, posts and accessories to the market place from strategic stock sites in the UK. Our team of experienced staff is able to help you with your Mesh fencing solutions.
Today, and in the future, you are well served by the Service Centre of Van Merksteijn Fencing UK.

Van Merksteijn International is a real family business doing business every day with customers all over the world.

Our expert staff ensures seamless services within and beyond Europe. For more than 70 years already, we are active in the steel industry, starting with a steel construction company but soon developing into one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of reinforcement products and fencing panels.

We not only manufacture these products, we can also deliver your order where and when you want using reliable hauliers with whom we’ve developed long-term partnerships. Van Merksteijn International is a strong and reliable partner.

It soon became clear that all the local markets within Europe had varying needs regarding the assortment and marketing approach. Van Merksteijn had to switch its strategy to set up service centres in various European countries. These service centres, also called Systems companies, sell fencing panels from their parent company in addition to other accompanying local fencing products such as poles, brackets, ports etc. There are currently 11 of these service centres, but that number is rapidly growing.

Through these dynamic and well organized Systems companies, Van Merksteijn can quickly respond to changing needs in the local markets.

In recent years, there have been many shifts in the demand for fencing panels. The demand used to be for traditional zinc plated pieces, but nowadays the demand is shifting towards wire panels welded from galvanised wire. Van Merksteijn International strategically anticipated this change in demand, and in 2012, the Company invested in a private wire and hot-powdercoating line. This has enabled Van Merksteijn to continue to serve its customers in the future.

So for now and the future, Van Merksteijn is here for you!